Exploderende lachgascilinders zorgden in jaar tijd voor 4,5 miljoen euro schade in ovens van HVC

Exploderende lachgascilinders in de verbrandingsovens van de Huisvuilcentrale in Alkmaar hebben vorig jaar voor ongeveer 4,5 miljoen euro schade veroorzaakt. Eerder wilde de HVC het schadebedrag niet ...

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10 Best Infrared Toaster Ovens

BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD compatible with NB-G110P Toaster Oven. Sits steadily on the oven, protects cabinets, countertop, oven surface from getting damaged; protects family and pets from getting hurt.

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Fairfield, OH lawn care service at the click of a button

Fairfield has high humidity in summer and wet, cool winters making it tough to keep your lawn healthy all year long. But you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. LawnStarter has local pros who ...

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Fairfield Health Department lists 28 businesses with priority health violations in January

Yalla Organic tallied the most violations with 20 — the most of a single restaurant in any month since the FDA updated the ...

Yalla Organic tallied the most violations with 20 — the most of a single restaurant in any month since the FDA updated the ...


The Best Toaster Ovens, According to Home Chefs

Toaster ovens fill a unique role in the kitchen. By no means are they a must-have cooking appliance, yet those who own one get frequent, sometimes daily, use out of it. That’s because they’re more ...


Baby overleden nadat moeder haar ’per ongeluk’ in oven legt

Het kindje overleed ter plekke. Een getuige heeft verklaard dat de moeder, Mariah Thomas, de baby per ongeluk in de oven had gelegd voor een middagdutje in plaats van in haar wiegje. De verklaring ...

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How To Cook Bacon In The Oven

Cook bacon in the oven that will come out perfectly crispy every time without getting grease all over. Kimberly Holland is a writer and editor with 15 years of experience in food, lifestyle, health, ...

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Best Toaster Ovens of 2024

Learn more. With air fryers, multi-cookers, and indoor grills all vying for a spot in your kitchen, a toaster oven has to work harder to earn its space on your countertop. Over time, these small ...

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Do you need an oven with a built-in air fryer?

Manufacturers are adding air fry modes to other appliances—toaster ovens, microwaves, and even ranges. Frigidaire, Bosch, and LG are just a few of the appliance brands that make ovens with built-in ...

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Derde beste pizzabakker ter wereld komt uit... Kortrijk: “Hij hoeft maar met zijn hand te voelen of oven de perfecte temperatuur heeft”

De beste pizzabakker van ons land? Die vind je in Kortrijk, achter de houtoven van Pizzeria Sofía. Ciro de Cicco (36) groeide op in een Napelse wijk die gekend staat om de vele sociale woningen.


Review ELAC Elegant BS 312.2 luidsprekers: groots, alleen niet in formaat

ELAC levert luid-sprekers in alle soorten en maten, waaronder de Serie 300 luidsprekers, klein maar fijn. De Elegant BS 312.2 is zo'n model en staat al een poosje hier thuis te spelen. Aangestuurd met ...