Best Wireless Router 2023 • 7 Wireless Routers Reviews

What is a Wireless Router and how does it work? A wireless router picks up your modem’s cable Internet connection and transforms it into a wireless signal that feeds all the devices connected to ...

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Router Rebooter Without The Effort

It’s one of the rituals of our age, rebooting the family router when the bandwidth falters. Flip the power, and after half a minute or so your YouTube video starts up again. Consumer-grade ...

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The Best Wireless Routers

The internet is one of the greatest inventions in human history, and its increasing accessibility is a great thing for convenience and usability. What used to require a hard connection can now be ...


Properly set a Cisco router’s clock and time zone

Properly set a Cisco router’s clock and time zone Your email has been sent Does setting the correct time on a router really matter? Actually, it does. In this edition of Cisco Routers and ...

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The Best Gaming Routers in 2023

Your game is only as good as your internet allows it to be. Check out our list of recommendations for the best Wi-Fi routers for gaming in 2023 Gaming routers used to be dismissed as a fad in the ...

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Best routers under 3000

"Looking for a reliable router that won't break the budget? We've compiled a list of the best routers under 3000 that are available online. These routers offer great value for money - from blazing ...

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The best Netgear routers for 2023

Netgear makes a wide range of routers. Whether you're a gamer, content creator, or streaming fan, here's how to pick the best one for you. Netgear’s most powerful hardware creates a robust mesh ...

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Wi-Fi problems? Here’s how to diagnose your router issues

It’s not that I dislike helping people with their router problems. In fact, there are few geeky endeavors I find more rewarding than fixing Wi-Fi connection issues at a friend or family member ...


Best secure router 2023: keep your router and devices safe at home or work

Keep your network and files protected with the best secure router. These days, many of the devices we’re using in the office or home come with network connectivity, and with that, the need to ...

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Best small business routers 2023: top routers for work

If you're looking for the best small business routers money can buy, you've come to the right place. This guide looks at the best routers for small and medium-sized businesses. Any of them are ...

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Best Routers in India (May, 2023)

Portable wifi routers to take with you on vacations Your search for the best wireless router ends here. We have enlisted here some of the best options in wifi routers for home that have the ...

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Best NetGear routers of 2023 | VentureBeat

What is a Netgear router? A Netgear router is a device that allows you to connect multiple computers and other devices in your home or office network. It also provides security for the data being ...

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10-year-old boy killed in Apex crash while riding scooter in neighborhood

A 10-year-old boy was killed in a crash in an Apex neighborhood on Monday. Ayaan Vachery was riding a scooter through his neighborhood when he was hit by a vehicle. A 10-year-old boy died from ...


A child riding a scooter died after being hit by a vehicle in Apex on Memorial Day

A child riding a scooter died after being hit by a vehicle in Apex on Monday afternoon. The collision occurred at 1:05 p.m. on Woodall Crest Drive, off Apex Barbecue Road, Apex police said.

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Witness attempted to save mother, child of deadly crash Friday in Apex

A woman died after being critically injured in a car crash Friday in Apex. One witness to the accident said she tried to help the woman after the accident. A witness to a serious crash in Apex ...


Apex Legends codes, free coins, and skins (June 2023)

Looking for the latest Apex Legends codes? Respawn’s battle royale has quickly become one of the most popular and competitive shooters out there. It’s a tactical shooter featuring a variety of ...


Developers behind huge Apex project look to add restaurant, retail space

A massive development on the western edge of Apex is about to rise as the developers plan future phases. Beacon Partners of Charlotte says the Apex Gateway project is set to break ground next week.

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Apex Legends

Diablo 4 patch notes - Day one update nerfs Barbarian and Rogue New Celtic-inspired game is like a mystical Stardew Valley Fallout just got real, as suspected Chinese spies infiltrate Alaska ...


What is Control Mode In Apex Legends?

Following the festive holiday Wintertide Event that took place for a limited time in December, 2022, Apex Legends has returned with yet another limited time event, known as the Spellbound ...


Ballistic in Apex Legends: Season 17 Legend & Abilities

With Apex Legends’ Season 17 rapidly approaching, we’ve had the leak and subsequent reveal of Ballistic. But who is he, what are his abilities, and when will we see him in Apex Legends?

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Apex Legends Update 2.25 Patch Notes For Today (June 1)

It was just last week that Respawn Entertainment deployed a brand-new update for Apex Legends, but yet another bug fix patch has just gone live across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch ...

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Apex of Misery

You can find Airidah just north of where you are atop Solitude, as located on the map below. As you make your way up to her, you’ll be stopped by two Risen Remains that have popped out of the ...


Sharks in Memorial Day forecast with 4 great whites spotted in NY, NJ waters

Sand, sun, surf, and sharks are in the local forecast for Memorial Day weekend. At least four male great whites have been ...

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Teknor Apex, UBQ get colorful

Teknor Apex Co. has expanded its color masterbatch concentrates line for recycled plastics from UBQ Materials Ltd. In a news release, officials with Teknor Apex in Pawtucket, R.I., said that the ...

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