Best Internet Providers in Chandler, Arizona

Cox is the best internet service provider overall for most households in Chandler because of its wide coverage area. That ...


The Best Wifi Routers to Buy in 2024

While you can usually get a router and modem setup from your internet provider, buying and using your own router can often improve the performance and coverage of your home. The market is flooded ...

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The Best Gaming Routers in 2024

Your game is only as good as your internet allows it to be. Check out our list of recommendations for the best Wi-Fi routers for gaming in 2024. Gaming routers used to be dismissed as a fad in the ...

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Best Wi-Fi 6 routers in 2024

It also made the multi-device handling a tad more efficient both on the router’s and the client devices’ ends. If you are in the market right now, chances are high that you will come across ...

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5 steps to keep your router from being hacked

Most of us don’t give a second thought to the router that manages our home internet. We assume it’s working fine, just like the day we installed it, which is why hackers can break into your ...

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Routers secured by HomeKit are not dead

Routers secured by HomeKit may not be the first accessories that come to mind when thinking about smart home gadgets. Nevertheless, routers are still alive and well as an accessory category in the ...

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5 Different Types Of Wood Routers (And Which Kind You Need For Your Project)

For woodworkers, carpenters, and hobbyists, a router is a handy tool for molding wood into specific shapes. Consisting of a motor that spins a bit, you can shave off precise pieces of wood ...

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Best Moving Companies In Chandler, Arizona Of 2024

Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations. If you live in Chandler and are looking to move out or if you’re planning to move in, you’ve come to the right place.


Best Wi-Fi routers for 2024

The best Wi-Fi routers offer an easy way to give your home network a major upgrade that everyone in your household can benefit from. You can also save quite a lot of money over their lifespan as ...

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Best gaming routers in 2024

The best gaming routers can completely revolutionize your online gaming experience. Though you may receive a router from your service provider and not give it much thought, these bog-standard ...


The best Wi-Fi 6 routers of 2024

The best Wi-Fi 6 routers can give your home network a major upgrade, especially if you’re still using an older Wi-Fi router or one from your Internet Service Provider. Besides providing you with ...

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The Best Wi-Fi Routers for 2024

These days, your wireless router not only connects you to the internet, but often your job, too. Here's what you need to build the best home Wi-Fi network, along with reviews of our top-rated ...

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Chandler councilmember responds to FBI probe allegations

CHANDLER, AZ — Chandler Councilmember Jane Poston said an allegation that she’s under FBI investigation is an “unfounded rumor.” Poston released a statement to ABC15 on Thursday after the ...

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5 Marines killed in helicopter crash identified as troops in their 20s

The Marine Corps released the names Friday of the five Marines killed when their CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter went down in the mountains outside San Diego during a historic storm. All of them were ...

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Teen violence: Police investigating April 2023 fight at Chandler home

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Chandler Police officials said on Feb. 6 that they need the community's help in identifying the victims in an assault incident that happened in 2023. In a statement ...

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Chandler police need help identifying group involved in teen assault

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Chandler Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying people involved in a teen assault case that happened in April 2023. According to officers, the attack ...


Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin Posts Sweet Family Pic with Husband Chandler Powell and Daughter Grace: 'My. Entire. World' Chandler Powell Laughs with Daughter Grace, 2, as She Pretends to Be a Koala in Silly Photo ...


April McLaughlin faces new 24-count indictment in Chandler animal abuse investigation

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A woman accused of keeping dozens of dogs in horrific conditions at her home in Chander is now facing two dozen additional charges, including felonies. April ...


Solterra at Chandler

Solterra at Chandler is a senior living community in Chandler, Arizona offering assisted living and memory care. Assisted living communities, sometimes called residential care or personal care ...

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Best Moving Companies In Chandler, Arizona Of 2024

Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations. If you live in Chandler and are looking to move out or if you’re planning to move in, you’ve come to the right place.


Alvieann Chandler

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office said they are investigating after an argument between brothers ended with one being shot in the neck on Sunday night. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office ...

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Malysa Chandler

Ms. Malysa Chandler’s passion for teaching was revealed at an early age. As a child, she meticulously enjoyed playing school with her siblings and friends. She loved playing the role of teacher but ...

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Chandler, United States - Weather Forecasts | Maps | News - Yahoo Weather

Night - Scattered showers with a 62% chance of precipitation. Winds variable at 4 to 6 mph (6.4 to 9.7 kph). The overnight low will be 44 °F (6.7 °C). Cloudy with a high of 55 °F (12.8 °C) and ...