Router Rebooter Without The Effort

It’s one of the rituals of our age, rebooting the family router when the bandwidth falters. Flip the power, and after half a minute or so your YouTube video starts up again. Consumer-grade ...

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These are the best Wi-Fi routers for 2023

If you are looking to improve your wireless network speeds, then you should probably think about upgrading your router, especially if you indulge in streaming high-definition videos or online gaming.

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A Handheld CNC Router

Over the last few years, the state of the art in handheld routers has been tucked away in the back of our minds. It was at SIGGRAPH in 2012 and we caught up to it at Makerfair last year.

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5 Best DD-WRT Routers in 2023

DD-WRT is a popular third-party firmware for wireless routers and access points that provides a wide range of feature upgrades over stock router firmwares. These include improved network stability ...

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The best internet routers in 2023: How to get blazing fast wireless speeds and great connectivity

What's the backbone of any connected home? You might be surprised to learn that it's your router. You may need a modem to connect to the internet, but your router ends up doing all the work to ...


The best routers for Xfinity in 2023

Renting a router for Xfinity may seem like a simple solution, but fees add up fast. Here's a more economical option. You can’t go wrong with this flexible modem-router that is compatible with ...

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If you have one of these three Asus routers, update it right now

If you have an Asus router and haven’t updated it recently, beware—you’re possibly an open target for remote attacks. Several critical flaws announced today allow hackers to execute code and ...


Routers Market Analysis Report 2023-2031 | 104 Pages Report

This Research reportis expected to witness a significant expansion in the market for Routers. Several factors contribute to this growth, including an increase in personal expenditure, growing ...


5 best wireless routers for VoIP calls in 2023

Wireless routers are found in almost every home today. However, there are a variety of routers available in the market suitable for various purposes. If you’re looking to make VoIP calls ...

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Best Wi-Fi routers for 2023

The best Wi-Fi routers offer an easy way to give your home network a major upgrade that everyone in your household can take advantage of. You can also save a lot of money over their lifespan as ...

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What On Earth Is A Pickle Fork And Why Is It Adding To Boeing’s 737 Woes?

It’s fair to say that 2019 has not been a good year for the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, as its new 737 MAX aircraft has been revealed to contain a software fault that could cause the aircraft ...

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As Boeing tries to hike 737 Max production, suppliers struggle to keep up

A defect on some 737 Max 8 aircraft revealed last week by The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and its fuselage supplier, Spirit AeroSystems, (NYSE: SPR) is one more obstacle Boeing must overcome as it seeks ...

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Boeing will meet 737 delivery goal despite new production problem, CFO says

The recent supplier problem, discovered late last month, involves fastener holes on the 737 aft pressure bulkhead that were improperly drilled and therefore misaligned or elongated. About 75% of ...

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Mistranslation of Newton’s First Law Discovered after Nearly 300 Years

A subtle mistranslation of Isaac Newton’s first law of motion that flew under the radar for three centuries is giving new insight into what the pioneering natural philosopher was thinking when ...

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Component flaw found in 737 Max

Boeing and a key supplier say that a new manufacturing flaw could delay deliveries of the 737 Max, Boeing's bestselling plane. Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems said they discovered improperly drilled ...

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Newton man accused of beating his wife to death pleads not guilty to murder

Richard Hanson, the Newton man accused of bludgeoning his wife to death in July, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder during his Middlesex Superior Court arraignment Thursday. Hanson ...


Anker 737 MagGo review: Compact charging at a premium

The 737 MagGo Charger is a nice combination of size, usability, and charging speeds in a MagSafe stand that can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. It has a few ...

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Newton's first law

According to Newton's first law of motion, an object remains in the same state of motion unless a resultant force acts on it. If the resultant force on an object is zero, this means: a stationary ...


You can see Wayne Newton perform in Las Vegas into 2024, but never at a karaoke bar

And yet there's one Las Vegas icon you can still see perform live on the fabled Strip: Wayne Newton. Newton, 81, recently announced he would continue his ongoing residency at the Flamingo Hotel ...


Indiana Guard Jakai Newton Unsure What Freshman Year Holds After Knee Surgery

At Indiana basketball media day on Wednesday, freshman guard Jakai Newton discussed the status of his knee injury, as well as why he chose to play for coach Mike Woodson. BLOOMINGTON, Ind.

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See all homes sold in Suffolk County, Sep. 10 to Sep. 16

The following is a listing of all home transfers in Suffolk County reported from Sep. 10 to Sep. 16. There were 176 ...

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Anker 737 MagGo review: Compact charging at a premium

The 737 MagGo Charger is a nice combination of size, usability, and charging speeds in a MagSafe stand that can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. It has a few ...