FBI waarschuwt voor Russische staatshackers die SOHO-routers infecteren

Russische staatshackers maken al enkele jaren gebruik van bepaalde Ubiquiti routers om onopgemerkt binnen te dringen. De FBI en partners uit tien andere landen waarschuwen eigenaars van Ubiquiti ...


In Zoetermeer krijgen oude Cisco-routers een nieuw leven

De Amerikaanse elektronicaproducent Cisco laat in Zoetermeer jaarlijks honderdduizenden oude routers en monitors recyclen. Het sluit aan bij de groene strategie van het bedrijf, maar is geen vorm ...

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Best Wi-Fi routers for 2024

The best Wi-Fi routers provide an easy way to completely overhaul your home network and unlike with other upgrades, your entire household can benefit from swapping out that old router for a new ...

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Best wireless routers 2024: get good WiFi no matter your budget

While network providers have got a little better in recent years, chances are the default router delivered from your supplier isn't going to be top-shelf. It's going to have limited range ...


Wireless Routers

Wireless Router Ratings Set up your home or office network with the best wireless router. The top wireless routers offer a strong signal and security, so you can enjoy WiFi from any room.

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Best routers for fiber internet in 2024 – our top picks

If you are looking for the best router for fiber internet, then we have you covered right here. Now, fiber-optic routers are great if you want a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection for your ...

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What is Wi-Fi 7? How it works, what it does and if it’s too early to upgrade

We’ve got everything you need to know about Wi-Fi 7 including performance, compatibility and whether you should wait to buy a new router Wi-Fi 7 is the latest generation of wireless technology ...

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Internet router guide: What you need to know before buying

Read more about our advertising policy. Your internet router may not be equipped to match your internet service. This router guide explains the different types of routers and how to pick the best ...


Free ISP routers vs paid third-party routers

Most of us receive a free router from our internet service provider (ISP) when we sign up for a broadband deal. These free models can be pretty basic and while they usually do a decent job, you'll ...


What are 4G routers?

A 4G router looks just like a standard home broadband router, though there are a few key differences. The main difference is that a 4G router uses 4G data signals to provide a WiFi connection ...

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A Guide to 5G Routers 2024

To find out more, we explore what a 5G router actually is and how it could change the way you get WiFi at home. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile network technology. It’s a generation beyond ...

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Bitcoin ETFs verzamelen ruim 746.831 bitcoin

De Spot Bitcoin ETFs beginnen langzaam te merken hoe schaars bitcoin is. Als we Grayscale meetellen verzamelden de Spot Bitcoin ETFs vanaf de lancering al 746.831 bitcoin. Op maandag kwamen daar nog ...

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